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Definition of Transformation: Moving a shape so that it is in a different position, but still has the same size, area, angles and line lengths. Types of Transformation: Reflection, Symmetry, Rotation, Tessellation, and Dilation

Free Interactive Transformation Games for Kids: Icy Slides Flips and Turns, Transformation Golf, Composition, Dilation, Reflection, Rotation: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Idea for Teachers: Transformations in Geometry: Several lesson ideas for Transformation in Geometry including reflections, symmetry, rotation, translations, tessellations, dilations, and bringing it all together. Lesson details

Free Presentations about Transformation: 

Geometric Transformations 

Transformations ppts - Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about transformations

Math Index of Presentations


Free Apps: 

Free Math iPad Apps for Kids




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