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Solid Geometry



Definition of Solid Geometry: A three dimensional object with width, depth and height. Examples: pyramids and cubes

Free Interactive Solid Geometry Games for Kids: Games & Activities for Kids 

Free Solid Geometry Lesson Plans: Geometric solids and their properties. Learn about various types of basic solids from manipulative objects and interactive games. 

Lesson Plans - Lots of Solid Geometry Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan - Geometric Solids and Their Properties

Lesson Plan - Finding Surface Areas

Lesson Plan - 3D Shapes

Free Solid Geometry Presentations in PowerPoint format:  

Solid Geometry Presentations - Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Solid Geometry

Powerpoint - Pyramids

Powerpoint - Volume

Presentations - Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format for Shapes

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Free Apps: 

Free Math iPad Apps for Kids




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