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All About Shapes



Definition of a Shape: The form of an object. Things come in all kinds of shapes. Examples of two dimensional shapes are circles, squares, and triangles. Examples of three dimensional shapes are cubes, pyramids, and spheres. But there are many more shapes than that! 

Free Interactive Shape Games for Kids: Sort the Shapes, Buzzing with Shapes, Snowstorm, Shape Surveyor, A Maze of Shapes, Shape Lab, Robo Packer:  Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Ideas for Teachers:  

Play detective with your students and find shapes all around the school. Use the digital camera and PowerPoint software! This activity can be adapted for all elementary grades.  Lesson details 

The Birthday Message - Teaching Basic Shapes: Activity Idea 

Free Presentations about Geometric Shapes:

Shapes Presentations Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about geometric shapes




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Free Apps: 

Free Math iPad Apps for Kids




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