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Ratio, Proportion, Percent



Definition of Ratio, Proportion, Percent: 

  • Proportion: Two quantities that have the same relative size. For example: His feet are twice as big as mine. 

  • Ratio: The ratio in the example above would be 2:1 (twice as big).

  • Percent means parts per 100. The symbol is %


Free Interactive Ratio, Proportion, Percent Games for Kids: Rags to Riches, Double Fun Match, Penguins, Scale Drawings: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Ideas for Teachers:  

Start this lesson off by reading If You Hopped Like a Frog by David Schwartz. Be sure to read the “Dear Reader” letter at the beginning. Tell the students that Mr. Schwartz was able to figure this out by using math!!! Lesson details

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Free Presentations about Ratio, Proportion, Percent: 

Ratio, Proportion, Percent Presentations - Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about ratio, proportion, and percent


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Free Apps: 

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