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Prime & Composite Numbers



Definition of a Prime Number: A number that cannot be evenly divided by any other number except 1 or by itself. Example: 13.  The number 13 can only be evenly divided by 1 or by 13. 

Definition of a Composite Number: A number that can be divided evenly by numbers other than 1 or itself. Example: 25. The number 25 can be evenly divided by 5. 

Free Interactive Prime Number Games for Kids: King Kong Prime Numbers, Find a Prime: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Idea for Teachers:  

Exploring Prime Numbers. This is a hands-on, minds-on math lesson that engages students in the discovery of prime numbers through the construction of multiplication arrays.  Students then extend on their background knowledge of multiples and their new understanding of prime and composite numbers to complete an Eratosthenes’ Sieve. Lesson details

Free Presentations about Prime Numbers: 

Prime Numbers Presentations - Several Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about prime numbers

Free Presentation - Finding all prime numbers between 1-100

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Free Apps: 

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