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Negative Numbers



Definition of a Negative Number: Any number that is less than zero. Use a minus sign in front of a number to let people know it's a negative number. Examples: -1, -50

Free Interactive Negative Numbers Games for Kids: Line Jumper, Eat the Fish: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Ideas for Teachers:  

Less than Zero. In this lesson, students examine negative  numbers. By playing a number game, viewing segments of the Cyberchase episode "Less Than Zero," and interacting with the companion Web site, students will recognize the relationship between positive and negative numbers and be able to add and subtract them. Lesson details

Integers Lesson Plan: Lesson details

Free Presentations about Negative Numbers: 

Negative Numbers Presentations - Several free presentations in PowerPoint format about negative numbers

Negative Numbers - Numeracy, free presentations in PowerPoint format about negative numbers

Positive and Negative Numbers - Integers

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