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Definition of the Metric System: A system of measurement that is based on meters for length, kilograms for weight, and seconds for time. Almost every country in the world except the USA, Burma, and Liberia uses the metric system as its standard system of measures and weights. Scientists use it because it is so accurate. It's an important system to learn. 

Free Interactive Metrics Games & Activities for Kids: Metric Matters, Rock n Roll, Celsius and Fahrenheit, Balance Weights Safari: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Idea for Teachers: Metric estimation game. This game is played like the TV game show "The Price is Right". Lesson details.

Free Presentations about Metrics: 

Metrics Presentations - Several free presentations in PowerPoint format about the Metric System

Presentation - Metric Conversions

Metric Media - Length in Metrics

Metric Mania - Mass in Metrics

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