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Mix of Operations



Definition of Mix of Operations: These are multi-step problems. To find an answer, these problems usually require you to solve a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or squaring.  

Free Interactive Math Mix Games for Kids: Double Function Machine, Number Jumbler, Cross the Swamp, Math Mayhem: Mixed Up Math Games for Kids

Lesson Idea for Teachers:  

Calculating total holes of a net. Lesson details

Life is Full of Problems: Analyze and solve multi-step problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using an organized approach, and verify and interpret results with respect to the original problem. Lesson details

Number Sentence, Math Mix: Make number sentences that equal a target number. The students create as many number combinations as they can to come up with a specified number. For example: How many number sentences can you write to make 28? Lesson details

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Free Presentations using mix of operations:

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Free Apps: 

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