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Graphs and Charts: Diagrams of values, usually shown as lines or bars that compare things. Graphs do not usually use pictures, charts sometimes do. 

Free Interactive Graph & Chart Games for Kids: Olivia Octagon, Bugs in the System, Histograms, Planarity: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Ideas for Teachers: 

We're Losing Our Teeth!  Enjoy this wonderful phase in your students’ life. Have your class chart the number of teeth lost during the school year. An easy activity your kindergarten or first grade children will always remember.  Lesson details

Raising the Bar While Hogging the Ham: This lesson teaches students the importance of using the appropriate scale when constructing a bar graph. In Cyberchase episode "Raising the Bar" the Cyberkids discover bugs in the cybrary and report this to Ms. Fileshare. Through some clever detective work, problem solving skills, and clues from a "Squeaky Voice," the kids demonstrate how scale is needed to construct a bar graph that can prove their accusations against their rival, Hacker. Lesson Details

Statistics: Lesson Plans

Free Presentations about Graphs & Charts: 

Graphs & Charts - Several free presentations in PowerPoint format for charts & graphs


Powerpoint - Pie Charts

Data Analysis

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Free Apps: 

Free Math iPad Apps for Kids




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