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Definition of an Estimate:  A guess of the actual value or number of something with some thought or mathematical calculation involved. Example: I guess there are 80 gumballs shown in the picture at the top of this page. I based that on multiplying 10 (column) times 8 (row). You can count them, if you wish, and see how close I came to this estimate. 

Free Interactive Estimate Games for Kids: A Sweet Story, Pie Chest, Pearl Treasure:  Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Idea for Teachers:  Estimating with Dinosaurs: Provide a set of 8 different pictures of dinosaurs, and place one set on each student's desk.  Individually the students will examine the picture and estimate the size they think the dinosaur are if they were real. Each student will write down his or her answer. Afterwards students will check an Encyclopedia to find the actual measurements of the dinosaurs. Lesson details

Free Presentations about Estimating: 

Estimation - Estimating decimals, free presentation in PowerPoint format

Estimating - TES, free site but you have to sign up, estimating and much more

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