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Definition of Division: Division is splitting something into equal parts. Example: Four kids wanted to share 1 pizza equally. The pizza was cut into 8 pieces. How many pieces of pizza did each kid get? (Answer: 2 pieces of pizza.)  8 4 = 2

Free Interactive Division Games for Kids: Amoeba Game, Conveyor Belt, Sum Sense, Division Mine, Math Magician: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Ideas for Teachers:  

Divisibility Rules! Students will identify numbers divisible by 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 10.  

Lesson Plan - Be a Pig Farmer

Lesson Plan - Colorful Long Division

Lesson Plan - Pass Back Division

Free Presentations about Division: 

Division Presentations - Several free Presentations about division

Division - Short Division powerpoint

10 - Division by 10 

Division of Fractions - Division of Fractions

Math Index of Presentations

Free Apps: 

Free Math iPad Apps for Kids




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