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Decimal Numbers



Definition of a Decimal: A decimal point (a period or a dot) followed by numbers shows that the numbers have values that are less than 1. Example: 7.3 is a decimal number (seven and three tenths.) 

Free Interactive Decimal Games for Kids: Decimal Switch, Spy Guys, Decimal Tiles: Games & Activities for Kids 

Lesson Idea for Teachers:  Decimals Make Cents - New jobs, pay increases, taxes, and consumer spending, students learn there is no way to avoid working with decimals in real life. 

How we use decimals everyday and don't even realize it: Working in small groups, have groups compete to see which group can come up with examples of the use of decimals in real life.

Free Presentations about Decimals: 

Decimals Presentations - Several free presentations in PowerPoint format about decimals

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Free Apps:

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